Aim and Scope

International Education Accreditation Society (INTEAS) is a specialized accreditation and certification authority offering education and research quality improvement services. It is incorporated in Wilmington, Delaware, with customer support operating in Anaheim, California.

INTEAS has been formed by several ex-employees of big accrediting and certification authorities like ACBSP, AACSB, IACBE, AMBA, who decided to do the job in a different improved way while still learning from the best practices available. We have therefore quite experienced team of experts on various areas of accreditation and certification. INTEAS certifies all educational institutions and courses of various types to make different course providers comparable in quality around the World. We also certify teachers and professionals from various sectors on internationally comparable scale! The International Education Accreditation Society (INTEAS) was originally established to operate within US territories, but recently we have registered increasing demand for our services from various corners of the world. We are pleased by this interest coming from various business and non-business schools around the world. In certification, the general aim is to implement internationally comparable rating scale that would not be only linked to US educational standards but would allow international comparison of education quality for potential employers and educational facilities to compare themselves with other comparable institutions or companies on the market.

INTEAS Worldwide

The INTEAS is an international accreditation body  well established in Asia and Latin America, with growing demand in other parts of the World as well. We accredit MBA, DBA and MBM programmes at different business schools worldwide since several years ago. We started accrediting MBM and DBA only few years later then AMBA. As relatively new and highly competitive accreditation body we focus on quality and take inspiration from guidelines and experience of the best renowned accrediting bodies in specific areas. Our guidelines and quality measures at at par with those of AMBA or other accrediting agencies. We differentiate only in few details we consider important. We know gaining status of renowned agency takes time and therefore we work hard to provide highest quality services at more affordable prices than other agencies. We currently accredit business schools or universities offering business education in every continent and are becoming truly international.

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