Schools & Courses

Certification of schools and other educational facilities is to unify the criteria for describing particular educational institutions and their educational activities. INTEAS certifies educational institutions and their educational programmes (worldwide).

The standard output of the certification are internationally comparable certificates that clearly and explicitly declare where and what the student studied and to what extent. The certificates also specify the standard of the lecturers of the particular educational programme. INTEAS describes the current level of the educational institution and its products by means of international certificates. The most important information about the International INTEAS Certificate is it’s ID comprising of several items:

  1. continent,
  2. country,
  3. rating of the educational institution,
  4. contents of the educational programme,
  5. rating of the lecturers of the particular educational programme.

The International INTEAS Certificates are issued in English and in case of demand, they can be also issued in any other language. The certificate is protected by several high security features protecting it from forgery and it’s ID can be verified on our website. INTEAS informs regularly about the certification Chambers of Commerce, selected universities and big companies of various countries where certificates are issued. Upon the request of certified institution, INTEAS also informs chosen institutions about the certification performed.

Certification process:
  1. Educational facility contacts INTEAS about its certification demand.
  2. Both sides sign contract using emails and scanners.
  3. Documentation and other materials preparation. All necessary information for certification of your institution and its educational programmes must be filled in forms we supply. This takes the institution approximately 1-2 months.
Necessary documents:
  1. INTEAS Questionnaire
  2. The list of internal and external lecturers
  3. Educational Institution’s development plan
  4. Educational Institution’s expectations for the following 5-year period
  5. Photodocumentation
Documents necessary for certification of educational programmes:
  1. Name of the programme
  2. Number of lessons taught within the programme
  3. Syllabus
  4. Names, education background and work experience of the pedagogues
  5. INTEAS certification procedure which takes about 1 month.
  6. Your institution and its educational programmes are awarded with a rating. INTEAS prints and sends Certificate of the Institution (A3 format), information board (A1 format), INTEAS banner (100 x 80 cm), flyers for students and INTEAS logo.
  7. Issuance of certificates for your graduates.

For further details on certification of educational facilities please read Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at or use the contact form.