Criteria and Procedure

INTEAS Excellent Conference Award (INTEAS ECA) certificate and logo is awarded only after the evaluation of the event by our team of experts.

The decision depends on objective scientific and technical criteria. Once your application is accepted, the INTEAS ECA certificate and permission for the logo usage will be sent to your organization. Furthermore, your academic event will be added on our events list and would be made available to thousands of researchers worldwide. However, your academic event on our website certainly means an increase in your event’s visibility.

Get involved – send your application and certify your conference with INTEAS ECA. The evaluation will be focused on (but not limited to) the following objective criteria:

Technical Criteria
  • Conference website (Every event should have a separate website or a full section as part of other academic website)
  • Conference venue (The venue for the conference must be clearly indicated on the website)
  • Submission (guidelines for authors and abstract/article template)
  • Organizing and or editorial committee (presented on the conference website)
  • Provisional or full program (presentation time, presentation type)
  • Participants return rate (not applicable to first-time events, we need to see some past participants return)
  • Feedback form (participants are given an opportunity to evaluate the event)
Scientific Criteria
  • Peer review procedure (Submitted papers must undergo a review process. Details for the procedure must also be part of the website)
  • Scientific/Editorial Committee
  • International scientific committee should consist of members from at least 5 countries (for international events)
  • Publications (Scientific outcome derived from the event must be published online)
  • Open access (The content of the book of proceedings must be freely available)

Evaluation fee: 100 USD per event (payable after successful check of criteria fulfilment)


Fill the non-binding application form and get your event evaluated.

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