Benefits for institutions

  1. Certification provides a sense of pride within the business faculty and staff when national peers have validated a program.
  2. Certification experience boosts self-esteem when teaching in academic programs.
  3. Certification provides professional growth and opportunities for development of outcome assessments.
  4. Certification offers recognition of the ability to serve community stakeholders.
  5. Certification creates the impetus for relevancy and currency of faculty, programs, and courses to best serve employers.

Benefits for academicians

  1. Certification provides the institutions with opportunities to improve quality procedures through study programmes and research activities.
  2. Certification creates the impetus for relevancy of faculty, programs, and courses to best serve students.
  3. Certification enhances the ability to serve students by assuring a focus on performance quality.
  4. Certified status requires an ongoing effort to provide excellent equipment, software, and learning resources.
  5. External advisory committees learn the importance of the certified institution.
  6. External advisory committee members can transfer the accreditation process to their continuous improvement efforts.


INTEAS provides a unique “window on the world” with its particular focus on worldwide. The INTEAS network and speakers are truly global. World-famous educators and executives know INTEAS can always be counted on to bring in those who can provide original new thinking and value to managers and management education.
INTEAS has always been committed to excellence, and paying attention to the latest developments is at the core of INTEAS activities.


An institution devoted to teaching and research in management;
With available human, physical and financial resources for the achievement of its objectives, and has academic standards of excellence.


  • Regular communication and sharing information on changes in institution’s management or contact.
  • Active contribution to the development of INTEAS practices;
  • Timely payment of annual membership fees;
  • Every 2-3 years the institution is asked to submit updated information in relevant areas.

Certification of educational institutions is to unify the criteria for describing particular educational institutions and their scholarly activities. INTEAS certifies educational institutions and their educational programs worldwide.


A successfully certified institution is going to receive one of the following certificates:

  1. Certificate of Excellent Academic Quality
  2. Certificate of Premium Academic Quality
  3. Certificate of High Academic Quality
  4. Certificate of Academic Quality
  5. Certificate of Quality Education

Standard output of the certification is internationally comparable certificates that clearly and explicitly declare where and what the student studied and to what extent with ISCED code that helps the student to get his or her degree recognized by the foreign university, sometimes even by embassy when applying for study visas.

The certificates also specify the standard of the lecturers of the particular educational programme. INTEAS describes the current level of the educational institution and its products through international certificates.

The International INTEAS Certificates are issued in English.


  1. Institution fills out the application form.
  2. INTEAS prepares a contract draft, and institution fills out the questionnaire either online or in PDF and submits requested documentation which may vary depending on the type of the institution.
  3. After successful certification which takes about a month the INTEAS sends the institution the certificate, promotional materials and institution can offer certificates to students.


  • INTEAS Questionnaire
  • The list of lecturers and their qualifications
  • Educational Institution’s development plan
  • Photodocumentation

For further details on certification of educational facilities, please contact us at or use the contact form.


  • The price of certification is 1200 USD.
  • Annual fee 500 USD.
  • Recertification at any time costs extra 500 USD.


Fill the non-binding application form and get contract draft.

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