Becoming a client

This page is to present individual steps as a guide on how to become a client of INTEAS AllArchives publishing service. We intend to answer most common questions related to becoming a client on this page.

  1. You as a prospective publisher, being usually a university or independent journals publisher checks our website.
  2. You are welcome to ask any questions. We will be happy to answer them. The AllArchives service is completely ready to serve you. If we gather more questions on same topic, we will put answers on our website for other as well.
  3. You ask us to become a client, we will sign a contract. To speed the process. We will send you signed and stamped contract by mail, you will sign and stamp it yourself (your institution representative), scan it and email us a copy. This is sufficient, no need to send us hardcopy. Under US law, we are preparing online contracts to be signed and exchanged within hours as post services in certain countries take very long time and sometimes even a month.
  4. When filling the contract, you will be asked to read it, add your institution details, bank account information and 2 contact persons who speak English and who will be responsible for sending us material for publishing and other requests. One contact will be primary and second secondary if the first one does not communicate for any reason (vacations, sickness,…).
  5. Attachment of the contract includes a form to fill for the website/journals being ordered with a lot of fields concerning you (your institution) as a publisher and published journals. This needs to be complete. This will also include form(s) related to additional languages of your website.
  6. You pay the invoiced sum of money to our account or account of our chosen partner in order to help you decrease your costs. Sometimes if customers do not speak English, we may assign a partner organization wich is able to communicate in your language and at the same time knows our products well.
    • This partner organization needs to be already an INTEAS customer as we will provide discounts for it from other services they order from INTEAS (unrelated to AllArchives service). We cannot gurrantee such a service to be available in all world languages. Should you be interested in such a service as you do not speak English well and you lack people speaking English please contact us and we will try to figure out a solution.
  7. When we receive the payment, we will create a website within a month and publish submitted articles covered in original payment. Each new submission of articles need to be paid in advance either anually or just based on invoice before submission. When submitting articles, you will be required to fill an Excel table with information from those articles, like Author name, surname, article title, keywords, abstract and other information required to fulfill current world publishing standards. Articles can be zipped and uploaded to our ftp, sent by email, uploaded to dropbox, we will figure out a way that will be convenient for you.
  8. When making your website, we will send you login information to see your ordered services, surplus of payment (remaining credit) so you have full control of expenditures.
  9. We suggest to invoice for at least 50 articles at once or services totalling more than 1000 USD. This is only to ensure the payment will not be eaten by payment transfer fees. First payment after signing the contract should be at least 2500 USD considering it needs to account for website and journal pages creation, publishing articles from backissues and possibly also other languages implementation.
  10. Be aware that our standard plan is 29 USD per article. This price can decrease to 23 USD per article only in two cases:
    1. We will publish for you more than 1000 articles.
    2. You recommend our AllArhives service to another institution. Starting the very next day after signing the contract with recommended institution, we will decrease your per article fees to 23 USD.
    3. If you will enter into contract with INTEAS concerning another service (not AllArchives), please contact us to discuss lower prices for services you will request.
    4. You will sign a contract with us during introductory period till August 31, 2014.
  11. Then, we are covered by contract for one year. Prices may be changed due to US inflation rate. If you want to fix the prices against potential inflation, you need to enter into 3 or more year contract with us.
  12. Under the contract, we will send you guidance materials in English which we provide for our customers. Those include pdf user guides and video training tutorials on various common topics related to publishing quality. This is basic set of instructions that will enable all editors – beginners become experienced in commmunication with authors and us as a provider of publishing services. Should you need these materials in different language, please contact us to discuss such requests.

As this service is a new one, we will try to do our best to solve quickly all possible situations, answer promptly your questions and create satisfied customers that will be happy to recommend us futher.