DEMO Website

Demo site features (and comparison to your demands):

  • Site layout/design can be changed. Functionality and services stay always the same with any layout.
  • You desire a website for your institution ABC, then your web can be or if you want to have a website address of for example, it is no problem. We will register such a domain (if it is available) at no additional costs.
  • You desire only journal site in English, then your website will be at one page with other journals. This will help to increase visits to whole site, so it is good for your journal authors.
  • This synergy of popularity will increase further with more customers using INTEAS AllArchives┬áservice enabling us advertising events of our clients (conferences, call for papers,…). Please contact us for more details on this.
  • On the demo website, please notice the top right tool, especially how to cite an item, then also fields required for each article. There are more data to be entered as metadata, which are not visible, but for database indexation you will be asked to provide them in a submission Excel table (see Becoming a client page for more information).
  • When on the demo site, please check both journals sites. Their sites are designed in a little bit different way to show minor variations. The possibilities are almost endless and if you need something the system we provide for your publishing does not, we can programme it.

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