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All journals that are published need access to world databases to be found by search engines available in various libraries around the world. Many publications, journals or books are still nowadays printed, put on shelves in university libraries, and forgotten. This approach ignores the researcher who will most probably be never read. Our services put a stop to such approach as we make all contents public and accessible through world scientific databases in every library connected to Internet. There are several providers of similar services, so please compare them to see what is the best benefit for you.

Special price due to introduction of AllArchives service to the market:

Guarranteed price of 23 USD per article for the first 10 customers signed till August 31, 2014!

Set-up fees (paid only once)
New journal implementation (website shared with other journals) Free for English-only journals. Not recommended for several journals published by a single institution. See examples below.
Own website in English for each publisher, includes 1 journal. 500 USD
Enabling additional website language 100 USD per each language and journal on the website*
Establishing second and more journals or proceedings book (of a conference) under organization’s website 150 USD
Special website design on demand 1000 USD, totally unnecessary for full functionality. Justified only if publisher wants to be original compared to other publishers.
Annual payment 400 USD, all updates of all journal(s) included, annually paid starting the second year of the contract.
Design of Journal Cover 200 USD, we can do this for you if you want.
Editorial Manager: system to enhance peer-review process (processing manuscripts) 20 USD per article, online training of several hours required.
DOI (Digital Object Identifier) provided by CrossRef. CrossCheck plagiarism module. “CrossRef activation set-up fee 50 USD per journal. CrossCheck activation set-up fee 50 USD per journal. You can manage these subscriptions on your own, that costs about 500-600 USD, or go with us for 50 each or avoid using them. The 2 USD for plagiarism check are paid in any way by you for CrossCheck service or to us if you choose this 50 USD each payment option. This 50 USD each option is available only on 3 year contract.This “”50 USD each service”" is recommended option to increase number of citations of articles you publish.
Per article fees
Price per article published 29 USD, can decrease to 23 USD**
Payment for backissues/ articles published in the past 20 USD per article
Plagiarism check if publisher maintains CrossRef and CrossCheck memberships (about 600 USD per year) 2 USD + provision of report. After training, it can be done by the publisher for about 1 USD per article paid to CrossRef/CrossCheck.
Independent plagiarism check within CrossCheck, no membership needed. 10 USD + provision of report + hints on citation improvements.
General evaluation
Indexation in worldwide scientific databases YES
File formats accepted for publishing ANY (PDF, DOCX, TeX, HTML, VIDEO, SOUND,…).
Articles may be published in multiple formats at the same time (for example in PDF, HTML and TeX) YES, at no charge when submitted together.
Payments accepted Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit cards, Western Union (WU payments are made to our editors around the world to lower your costs even further).
Payment conditions Either per order of expected services (processed by us when payment has been received) or in advance.
Platform allows Publisher pays, author pays, reader pays. Quotation on demand.
Articles are published in 1-2 weeks.
Copyright Recommended: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-BY) to enable all available features of content distribution. CC-BY 3.0 allows to freely use the material provided the author is mentioned (attributed or cited). This is especially recommended option for Eastern European and Asian publishers. Nevertheless, any publisher using services of INTEAS may choose any license covered by Creative Commons.
Hidden costs and long-term contract options In Delaware, USA, there is no VAT. These prices are final. Prices may change due to inflation, unless you fix them agreeing to sign contract for at least 3 years and minimum of 120 articles. In such a case we require payment in advance including other expected services (e.g. proofreading, plagiarism checks,…) based on your order. If there is a surplus (reality-expectations>0), it will be rolled into future contract invoices.
Additional services
Online training of editors (per hour) 85 USD ***
Presenting a journal to PubMed, PDF to XML conversion Quote available on demand
Copyediting and Proofreading 10 USD per page
Language correction 5 USD per page (up to 250 characters)
System to collect author fees (under author pays model) Annually 2000 USD, publisher pays paypal fees. Nevertheless, you can cash authors on your own. Authors can pay you directly using website interface (you make public your bank number, paypal buttons for credit card payments, western union instructions, etc….) and then you do not need any interface from us.


* – Multilanguage sites. If you need for your university a website in three languages and you publish 2 journals (in regards to website language it is not important in which language you accept articles into your journal(s)) then you need to make sure whole website including all journals speaks in those three languages. As the cost of each language is 100 USD per language per journal (you will be requested to fill another form concerning journal and publisher information in that language), one additional language addition costs 200 USD for two journals, while two more languages for mentioned two journals cost 400 USD. We are now ready to provide website in 17 languages. If your language is not included in our set, we need about 4-6 weeks to get the whole system translated into your language. You pay no additional fees in such a case. If you need multilanguage site, all updates in one language need to be mirrored in other language(s) as well. Annual payment covering all updates (e.g. of editorial board or other journal information) requires each update is submitted in all languages of the website. It is important to notice that even if your website will be in English, which is good for international visitors, we can make another language default language for your site, so your visitors need not to change it every time they visit it. The site can be in English, Russian and Chinese mandarin and yet the default language can be Russian or Chinese and you can accept articles for publication only in Chinese or only in Russian or in both languages (why not, if you want, you can have dual language journal) and not in English. Such a decision is only up to you. If you have one single journal in English and you do not need own website, the price is free of charge. Your journal will appear on a page with other journals of other publishers. ** – Per article price 29 USD falls permanently to 23 USD per article when you recommend us another publisher who closes a contract with INTEAS AllArchives service OR when you publish with us 1000 articles. If you – the publisher – are customer of other INTEAS services, you might be eligible for lower prices. Please contact us for more information at info@inteas.org. *** – For beginners in this business we have a free set of instructions, tips and hints on how to do editorial and journal related work. This is essential for everybody who has limited editorial or publishing experience. Mail us, we will discuss what you need and we will send you prepared documents and links to important sites. If you need advanced consultations, we will let you know if such a service will be free of charge or paid as a consultation in advance. Examples of standard service (no additional services are requested – e.g. plagiarism checks, article language correction, etc.) A university with 3 journals, of which all need a bilingual website (in English and French): A university site set-up fee (500 USD) + 2 more journals set up fee (2×150 USD) + 2 languages (English is included in site set-up fee ) set-up fee 200 USD. This is 1000 USD set up fee paid only once. Then each article upload costs 23 USD. For 50 articles per year the price would be 50×23 USD = 1150 USD per year. Second year the school would pay only annual payment of 400 USD which includes all website updates and continue to pay per article price. No other hidden fees. An English-only journal with maximum 2 issues per year and 30 articles per year from LDC