Benefits of accreditation and certification

Accreditation is a measurement to ensure that schools meet rigorous and up-to-date standards of education and professionalism. To become accredited, schools must undergo evaluation and approval of their curriculums. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by educational institutions meets acceptable levels of quality. Accrediting agencies, which are usually private educational associations of regional or national scope, develop evaluation criteria and conduct peer evaluations to assess whether or not those criteria are met. Institutions and/or programs that request an agency’s evaluation and that meet an agency’s criteria are then “accredited” by that agency (for example INTEAS). We can summarize benefits of certification and the role of INTEAS – as accrediting and certification agency as follows:

For schools:
  1. You will enable your students to acquire an international degree and/or certificate and thus improve their position on the labour market.
  2. You will rank among accredited and/or certified institutions, raise your international credit, keep ahead of your competitors and draw the public attention to the merits of your school.
For students:

If you enclose certification of raiting of your school to your school report or diploma and show it to the employer or to somebody at a higher type of school, you will significantly increase your chances of getting the job as employer will know how good is the school you did finish. You can use your certificate anywhere. You can use it in your country or abroad, in a state or private institution or company. If you continue in your studies, you can use your certificate when looking for a job during your trips abroad (Work&Travel Program, foreign internship programs, etc.). You can use it also as a proof of finished education to any other school.

For teachers, lecturers and other professionals:

INTEAS certifies teachers of all types of schools and lecturers of institutions of lifelong education. The certificate clearly declares the scientific domain, but moreover, it states a rating of his or her academic qualities. This is a complex score rating based on many variables and most importantly on „Education Quality Coefficient“. This EQC allows our Lecturer Rating System be internationally comparable. Please read more information about this on page „Certification of teachers“. The common usage of these ratings is to maintain quality of people at certain positions so the new applicant is required to have certain amount of points. This system is transparent, independent, internationally comparable, and aims at maintaining quality. Certification is carried out following a binding order of the person/body interested in certification. The applicant will receive a form and will fill it and send it by email back (or regular post, but we prefer to work with electronic files, as it is easier and faster).

INTEAS certification is completed quickly, usually within one month after having received the complete documentation and payment for the certification. Around the world, we cooperate with several partnering institutions that can provide certain discounts, and are able to promptly communicate with you in your local language. The benefits here are clear, certified teacher or professional has way better chances of getting a job than uncertified person.