Commission policies

For accreditation information please contact us at The costs of accreditation depend on your country, organization type and size and other variables as well. The prices vary a lot, so please contac tus for further details. Prices in USD.

Certification (annual fees), annual re-certification costs included
University evaluation Faculty evaluation Course evaluation
 0-250 students  1490  1190  495
 251-1500 students  2495  1950  795
 1501+ students  4950  2950  950

Certification does not require on the spot checks as accreditation does. Certification is faster and cheaper.

Individual certificate costs per student

20 % discount for orders of 25+ certificates. 30 % discount for orders of 100+ certificates.

University evaluation Faculty evaluation Course evaluation
1 student 90 100 120
Additiona lcertificate translated into any non-English language of your choice. 50 50 50
Partner (member)/Candidate (annual fees)

Price includes usage of logo, materials, advertising cooperation, only for education-related entities. Though, those entities are not allowed to use the Certified logo, only partner or candidate logos.Member institutions are allowed to issue certificates for their employees (but not courses) at lower costs.

 University evaluation  1500
 Facultyevaluation  1000
 Courseevaluation  300
Lecturer certification

The condition for granting the INTEAS certification of a lecturer is at least one-year teaching experience. Lecturer certificate does not expire as teachers are forced to increase their qualification overtime, therefore expiration after 5 years would not make sense as the teacher should ask for recertification in much shorter period of time to receive higher rating score.

 Lecturer of a certified or partner institution*  200
 Other lecturers  300

* For details see Participation options page

Certification of qualification

We require documents from your current or past employer to prove your expertise. Certificates of qualification expire after 5 years.We then require new documents proving experience in certified field still exists or has been maintained. Costs stated per certificate

New course Re-certification**
Internal corporate (at personal level) 100 100
Product-specific (at personal level) 100 100
Global personal certification including product-specific knowledge 300 150

* – for non-personal level please see page about out certification of schools and various academic and professional courses

** – re-certification applies to individuals that were verified once and need new certificate as the old lost its validity. Validity covers only expert non-academic certificates.