Who Can Apply

Any educational institution seeking accreditation by INTEAS must demonstrate to the Commission that it meets INTEAS’s standards. The main focus of our accreditation is on higher education institutions. An ideal member is any organization, company or entity properly authorized to conduct high level educational teaching and certification, award degrees, certificates or any form of professional credentials. The ideal eligible entities must prepare students in a branch of knowledge, art, business or science which has application in a specific occupation, and they provide significant specialization training to their students.

Make An Initial Inquiry

We suggest institutions considering applying for INTEAS accreditation to submit an Inquiry Form. Our Customer Support team will provide initial information and put you in direct contact with our Director of Accreditation, who will advise you on how to prepare for the inspection, discuss possible preparation scenarios, answer your questions in detail and arrange an On-site Visit.


Once you have spoken to our Director of Accreditation and you feel you are ready to apply for the full application, please submit a full Application Form. The information you provide will help us to set up a smooth transition of the whole accreditation process.

Application Step-by-step

  • Peer Review

    Once formal paperwork has been submitted to INTEAS, conduct an intensive review of the prepared materials, the written report and the general workings of the university or institution

  • Visit and Examination

    After the peer review has been completed, INTEAS send a team of professionals to visit the university or institution seeking accreditation status.

  • A Decision Is Reached

    After the previous steps are completed, INTEAS calls upon their commission to review the collected information and affirm accreditation status for the university or institution.

  • Continuous Review

    By accepting accreditation status from INTEAS, a university or other institution agrees to uphold the quality standards set by the INTEAS.






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Feel free to ask if you have any question, one of our agent is ready to help you. Also, you can directly contact us through the given email address.