Our certification process is simple and transparent; we have taken out all the complications to help you move forward with the assessment and certification of your institutions’ management system.

International Education Accreditation Society (INTEAS) will firstly review the enquiry of the institution and send them a questionnaire for their completion. Based on the completed questionnaire from the client, INTEAS will take a decision for certification, for which a quote will be sent to the client for three years of certification period.

An educational institution must take several steps to gain INTEAS certification. Below is a simple representation of the process.

  • Peer Review

    Once formal paperwork has been submitted to INTEAS, conduct an intensive review of the prepared materials, the written report and the general workings of the university or institution

  • Examination

    After the previous steps are completed, INTEAS calls upon their commission to review the collected information and affirm certification status for the university or institution.


    By accepting certification status from INTEAS, a university or other institution agrees to uphold the quality standards set by the INTEAS.






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